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New Teacher- L'Shawn Howard

4月からMYに新しく加わった先生を紹介します。L'Shawn Howard(ラ・シャーン ハワード)先生です。自己紹介文を載せましたので、どうぞお読みください。


Hi! I’m L’Shawn Howard. I started at MY in April, so some of you might already know me. I have had a great time at MY so far and am learning a lot. Thank you all for being so kind and welcoming! I’m originally from Colorado in the United States and I have lived in Japan for a total of about six years. Currently, I live in Murayama with my husband and one-and-a-half year old daughter. This is my second time living in Murayama. In 2002, I was an ALT at Murayama Agricultural High School and Tateoka High School. It was then that my husband and I fell in love with Yamagata and its people, as well as the Yamagata way of life. We wanted to live in Yamagata longer, but I decided to go back to school to learn more about teaching English as a foreign language. So, in 2005, my husband and I returned to Colorado where I received my master’s degree in TESOL. In 2008, we moved to Kobe where I worked at a private women’s college. Now we have returned to Yamagata, and our dream to live here has come true! I am excited to continue to get to know you and help you meet your English language goals.

by mhagglund | 2011-06-01 04:37 | MY講師・スタッフ