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New Teacher - Aaron Koller



My name is Aaron Koller. I am 34 years old and I am married to Candace. Gabriel, my son, was born on Christmas Eve; we just learned that Candace is pregnant with another. I enjoy Snowboarding, computers, playing the drums, and visiting the many beautiful places in Japan. I love the Japanese culture and I am trying to learn Japanese.

I lived in Sendai from 2000-2003 where I taught English at a large school called MeySen Academy. After that I moved to the Philippines where for two years I established a new computer school in a small town where most people had never even touched a computer before. From there I moved back to America to go to Bible School where I met my wife and shortly thereafter we were married.

I look forward to teaching you English and improving your skills.
Thank you,

by mhagglund | 2010-05-07 23:17 | MY講師・スタッフ